Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting a bit Fancy

Marv, what are you wearing?
What this? It's my fancy hat. Only for special occasions.
What what occasion is today?
Eat a doughnut day. I just invented it.
Ooooh, how about Take Yourself to Breakfast Day for tomorrow?

Snacking as an Art-form

Be it chips or a cracker,
I'm a bit of a snacker.

I like to nibble and crunch.
On everything plus lunch.

Be it cookies or pie,
Without my snack I'd just cry.

And dessert, so sublime!
Not snacking should be a crime.

So send me your treats,
Pile them up at my feet.

And I'll snack from Monday to Wednesday
Thursday is friends day.

Then Friday into the weekend,
So go order those gift baskets and click 'send.'

Awww, you're so good to me,
For you, snacks are free.

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