Friday, November 13, 2015

Another Day of Play

Hey Ben, what are you doing all alone?
I'm not alone, my friend and I were playing softball.
Where's your friend now?
Here! Come say high and stay a while.
Here where?
Ugh, he's here! Can't you see? Right by this ball. I'm mean he's staring right at you.
You mean that fly?
Yes! So you have met before! Wonderful.

Feeling Misunderstood

When I said I saw you there,
I meant I saw you, but I didn't stare.
I was there to see the bear,
The one with the funny feet and red hair.
I'm sure you were there without a care,
And now my seeing you has seemed like a dare.
But honestly I really don't care.
You can go there with Stuart or Clair,
And stare all day at that silly bear.
Just don't be angry at me because I swear.
I didn't really see you there.
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