Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Day of November

How was the party?
It was a hoot.


On the last day of November
I try to remember,
All the fun we had.
And I'm glad.
I'm glad for the laughter,
And the fun we had after.
Glad for the food we ate,
And that you let me lick the plate.
Glad for the sun shining down,
Especially with snow now falling all around.
But especially, I'm glad for the football,
And soccer, and ice skating, and bingo at the town hall.
Because we enjoyed it together,
In good and bad weather.
Happy November friend.
Hopefully December will continue the trend.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015

Bring all your friends together,
With furry tails and feathers.
Bring them to your home,
Don't let them roam.
Today is a day to treasure.

Bring all your pals to the table,
Make sure all the chairs are stable.
There'll be laughter tonight,
And hopefully not a fight.
But I'm sure they'll still throw chairs if they're able.

Bring all the fun to one place,
Laugh and take jabs with grace,
Thanksgiving is a time to be merry,
And eat pies like apple and cherry
So Happy Thanksgiving to you,
And a happy holiday too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Visiting with Old Friends

What are you now? 500?
I'm 26 Guffry.
Oh yeah, I'm thinking of your dad.
My dad's 226.
Ha! Was a bit off there wasn't I?

How Old Are You?

When I was young I was smart.
Quick from the start.
But when your old you're overdone,
And people treat you like you're no fun.
I can laugh, I can cry, 
I watch TV and eat pie
I know Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus,
I don't still write letters on papyrus.
Give an old person a break,
We're pretty fun, It's not all fake. 
And we get discounts at the zoo,
At restaurants too.
So we'll save you money going out.
Seriously, we carry clout.
So bring us along!
Will prove you're having fun all wrong.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Setting the Scene

Did you find all the plate?
Yes, even the gray one grandma hates.
Did you brush off the chairs?
No, no one will be looking so who cares?
Did you fill the fridge with food?
Mmm not yet. I wasn't in the mood.
But it's go time and we're not ready!
Calm down Dad, hold steady.
We still have two days to go
And it'll all get done, trust me, I know.
Oh gosh, oh my,
I'm just glad I only have to do the pie. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

In Preparation for the Holidays

Did you pack your bags?
Dad, I don't think we should run. This IS Turkey day after all. Let's stick it out.
You're not worried? 
No, I have a secret weapon.
What's that?
Atomic gravy. I've been eating chile for weeks.

Thanksgiving is in just a few days,
And this year, I'm getting my way.
I'm getting the stuffing just right,
And my brothers have been warned not to fight.
The turkey is soaking in brine,
And I just got my shipment of wine.
Mom's promised to help cook,
And my center piece has just the right look.
This year I've got it in the bag,
And not to brag,
But I even picked up fancy pie!
Because I can't bake, no lie.
I'm a terrible baker.
And I don't care, I'll be a faker.
They can all BELIEVE I cooked it,
And it'll be a hit.
Because my friend Nancy is the real deal,
All her pies are like a baker's ideal.
So moist and yummy
And just the right amount of crumbly.
Oh man, I really need to go put some in my tummy. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Which House is Your House

I don't see the love, do you?
It's probably invisible or something.

A house has a couple of walls,
Sometimes stands really tall,
And hopefully has high ceilings so you don't have to crawl.

A house has at least one room,
And maybe a window to fight the gloom,
So it doesn't feel like a tomb.
But I shouldn't assume.

A house has lovely people,
And maybe a peephole,
From which you can stair at the townspeople.

A house is hopefully filled with joy,
And maybe some stuff and a toy.
And a kitty who likes to play coy.

A house is a home when you're no longer alone,
Whether it be cat, or dog, or picture of frog on a log,
You feel at peace, serene, like you never want to be mean.
And that's it, that's home.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Once Upon A Book

Ok little ones, gather around
I'm going to tell you a story about lost and found.
First there was a house made out of leaves,
It fell over in the wind and was ransacked by the thieves.
Then there was the house constructed with mud,
Which worked great until the great flood.
One after another, the houses were lost.
And each time, new ideas were tossed.
But not until a great stranger came,
Did they come upon the idea that did just the thing.
A house he proposed, made of wood,
And packed with all the love they could,
Should stand the test of time,
Because not even the misfortune of a nursery rhyme,
Can break what love binds.

That's kind of mushy da.
Maybe, but our house is made of wood and it hasn't fallen over.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday Dinner Planning

Recipe planning is the worst,
Wouldn't you rather just go to Earth first?
There they have pie and all kinds of tarts,
There they fill them with cherries and top them with hearts.
On Earth they have Turkey, 
And chewy beef jerkey
And oh there jelly is just so perky.

Why cook this year,
When Earth is so near.
Let's play hookie from cooking,
And call Earth for a booking.

Think of it friend,
So much food to comprehend.
We could eat all week,
Think of the damage we could wreak.
Everyone's pie will be missing a bite,
The turkey, a leg; the meringue, the egg whites.
We'll tip toe in when they're all out of site,
And hang out eating left overs all night. 

What do you think? Are you ready to take a bite?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Family Trip

This time next week we'll be headed to the creek.
Did you pack my bag?
No my love, what should it be composed of?
Clothes for hiking.
Ahh, that is definitely to my liking.
Will we be lava hunting?
That depends on whether it's rocks or beasts you want to be confronting.
Grab my lava proof bag.
The one with stripes or the zig zag?
And my fire proof gloves.
And I'll grab mine my dove.

Two weeks away from all the silliness and dismay that the holidays can display.
Won't it be grand, to hold hands, and be around nature and the land?
Pack my magazines!
No worries, I've packed all kinds of things.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Headed Home

In one week, I'll be headed home.
It's been a while and I'm hesitant to go alone.
I wish you were there with me to hold my hand,
But you needed to go see your mom, I understand.
I hope you have a nice trip and the weather is nice.
Up where my parents live, it's just sheets of ice.
And sometimes snow,
With the weather, you never quite know.
But don't worry about me, I'll be ok,
Just as long as they didn't invite Aunt Jackie.
But if they did, I'm sure it'll be fine.
It's not like she'll burn down last time.
And mom says I can sleep in my old bed,
I just hope it's not in the basement like they said.
But the basement is nice,
No mice.
At least I don't think so, but I'll look twice.
They don't bite do they? If I put out cheese?
Oh gosh, I can't remember, do cats make me sneeze?
Mom has three and a dog named spike,
Mom says he's nice, but it's outsiders he doesn't like.
I should be ok, being family and all,
But if it all goes lopsided, do you want to meet me at the mall?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Another Day of Play

Hey Ben, what are you doing all alone?
I'm not alone, my friend and I were playing softball.
Where's your friend now?
Here! Come say high and stay a while.
Here where?
Ugh, he's here! Can't you see? Right by this ball. I'm mean he's staring right at you.
You mean that fly?
Yes! So you have met before! Wonderful.

Feeling Misunderstood

When I said I saw you there,
I meant I saw you, but I didn't stare.
I was there to see the bear,
The one with the funny feet and red hair.
I'm sure you were there without a care,
And now my seeing you has seemed like a dare.
But honestly I really don't care.
You can go there with Stuart or Clair,
And stare all day at that silly bear.
Just don't be angry at me because I swear.
I didn't really see you there.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Celebrating Thursday

Da, I couldn't be happier.
Why is that Pete?

It's only been two weeks since Halloween,
And I still have more candy than I've ever seen.
I've got sweet ones that are chewy,
Taffy that's quite gooey.
A chocolate or two,
And suckers in red and blue.
I bet it will last for weeks,
Filling me up, stuffing my cheeks.
And then there will be Thanksgiving to celebrate,
And there will be pie with nuts and dates.
The fall is by far my favorite time of year,
Because there's always good food to bring you cheer.

Hear hear.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bunnies in Winter

Brrrr. Mom, it's cold.
It's winter, stop your peeping.
I know the chill is seeping,
But it's for not, winter will keep creeping.
Just cuddle with your brother.

Gah! Mom, brother's sleeping!

The Cold

The wind is blowing,
The clouds are going,
And in the chill, the rivers have stopped flowing.
It's winter time, and the cold has come,
You'll need to wear thermal to go for a run.
And don't forget the sun,
It'll be long gone before the day is done. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Little Hopeful Wishing

Today I make my wish,
A wish for unlimited fish.
And eel to fill my belly,
So delicious and smelly.
A tuna or two,
And cod to make a stew.
Crab would sublime,
But I'd settle for lobster with a pinch of lime.
And don't forget the clams,
Of them I am a fan.
And in December,
Please remember...
To wrap it up nice and tight,
With a bow as dark as midnight.
And leave it under the tree,
With special note just for me.

Should I give you my list then?
Nah, I'm sure I can think of something.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Meeting the Competition

Two dogs, one pup,
In a field of green, met up.
There was a challenge today,
And challenge quite real,
A challenge to capture the flag,
That was the deal.

One was ready, pup not so much
He'd been up all night playing and such.
But today he would win,
He knew it to be so.
I mean why wouldn't he win?
The challenger was as old as they go. 

But he didn't win, puppy came last
Puppy overthought it and wan't fast.
A dog has done everything and is quite skilled,
And one thing they do well,
Is run in a field. 

So Dog surpassed pup, not once, but twice.
But with page pup will win,
And won't that be nice.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Time for Holiday

Where's it this year Guffrey? Headed to the Alps?
Galapagos islands, I have a distant cousin there. Haven't seen him since he went flying off with a bunch of finches. 


November is a special time, 
But not for birds.

It might seem absurd,
But turkeys fear being lured,
And Cured,
And put in soup that must be stirred.

No, no. In November, Turkeys take flight,
And try very hard to stay out of sight.
So remember to stomp your feet with all your might,
So the Turkeys can fly off in their fright.
Better to let them run, then worry about them all night.

Some Turkeys go to Spain,
Some to France to frolic in the Seine,
Some to the far reaches of this plain,
Only to go insane,
And return home before the rain.

But none like Thanksgiving day,
It's a time to hide away.
Until the dinner is just an empty tray,
And they are again safe to play.

Maybe this year have some stew,
Or a pasta dish or two.
Just in case they're watching you.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Cool Breeze

Where've you been?
Mom wanted me to finish my eggs before she'd let me out.

Fall Weather

The winds are beginning to blow.
Too early for snow.
But in the woods can be seen maybe a buck, a doe.

Soon the leaves will fall
Winter will call.
Mom waits at the door wearing her shawl.

It will be quiet at night.
A few bats in sight.
We'll sit around the campfire, staring at the light.

Winter is coming.
After Thanksgiving, it'll come running.
I guess no more days out sunning. 

Bundle up my friends.
Summer seems to have come to an end.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Bird with Feathers

I was flying along,
Singing my song.

I was following the wind,
A bird's best friend.

I was enjoying the breeze,
Watching the bees.


I had been enjoying the nice day,
Watching the trees sway.

I had been enjoying the warm air,
With the clouds blocking the sun's glare.

I had been doing a lot of things,
But now my ears ring.


So be mindful next time,
Or I'll cover your car in grime. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting a bit Fancy

Marv, what are you wearing?
What this? It's my fancy hat. Only for special occasions.
What what occasion is today?
Eat a doughnut day. I just invented it.
Ooooh, how about Take Yourself to Breakfast Day for tomorrow?

Snacking as an Art-form

Be it chips or a cracker,
I'm a bit of a snacker.

I like to nibble and crunch.
On everything plus lunch.

Be it cookies or pie,
Without my snack I'd just cry.

And dessert, so sublime!
Not snacking should be a crime.

So send me your treats,
Pile them up at my feet.

And I'll snack from Monday to Wednesday
Thursday is friends day.

Then Friday into the weekend,
So go order those gift baskets and click 'send.'

Awww, you're so good to me,
For you, snacks are free.

Monday, November 2, 2015

I've Got it All

I creeped and crawled
And stole from them all.
A little chocolate for me,
Fills me with glee.
So the kids don't get candy,
For me that's just dandy.
I SHOULD get it all,
Because I'm the ruler and this is my haul.
Well....ok I see that your mad,
Oh is this your dad?
Well, they don't really need it do they?
I'm starving, so I should keep it ok.
Well, no. Don't take my candy!
Oh man, this day is as bad as it can be.

[I hope everyone had a great crochet Halloween!!]

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