Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When To Say Boo

Listen, I know it's Halloween and that's "your holiday." But must you go around saying "Boo!!" to everyone you walk by? I mean...the sun's up, it's bright and cheery. We're not scared.

But that's what we do.
Yeah. We do that. We're not asking you to stop eating are we? Because that's essentially what you're asking. 

I guess "Boo"?

There you go.
That's the spirit.

[haha, tell me you caught that.]

When the Ghosts Said Boo
I  was sitting alone,
Watching a show or two.

When behind me crept a specter
And it screamed BOO!

I was so frightened,
It was so out of the blue.

That I fell over onto the floor
And then sneezed, ACHOO!

The specter was not expecting this,
And away he flew.

Frighted was he,
That I could make a loud noise too.

So remember this children,
And keep some pepper with you.

So that when the specter comes,
You'll know just what to do.

Sprinkle the pepper into the air,
And loudly, proudly, sneeze ACHOO.

And scare a specter too.
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