Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Three Pumpkins I See

One night I was walking home.
It was dark and I was alone.
I'd been at the library all day,
Studying for a test and practicing for a play.
I was going to be Lancelot,
And I was excited like a candied up tot.
And then I turned the corner to find these guys,
They were talking which was a big surprise.
I listened as I walked by
And the things they said, my my.
One said that Halloween was a myth,
That it was invested by a man named John Smith.
I guess he liked things a little scary,
And he invented Halloween so we could dress like witches and fairies.
Another said Halloween was just a joke,
Invented by a town that was going broke. 
They thought taxing candy would bring them extra dough,
But they didn't plan for all the eggs people would throw.
It cost more to clean up the town,
Which of course made them all frown.
And finally the last pumpkin said Halloween was just for the kids
A way for them to relax and enjoy how it is.
A way for them to spend time with friends,
And try new things and not offend.
I think this is the story I'll use from now on.
I said to myself with a yawn.
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