Monday, October 12, 2015

Taking Off

I'm headed out of here,
Going where I love dear.
My home out in the woods, 
My place where all the musts become shoulds.
I'm going to throw food, and do no good.
I'm going to roll in dirt, and mess up my shirt.
I'm going to say bad words,
And just act completely absurd. 
And when I return, I'll be that lovely kitty again,
And we can play nice like good friends. 

[I admit the picture above isn't pristine. It's from December, 2013. But today is a day off, and I've got other chores to take care of. So I hope you forgive my repeat, and I hope you like the above feat. Today is about being brave, and adventuring and not being naive. It's about discovering new worlds, and watching the world unfurl. So you go and do it boys and girls.]
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