Friday, October 9, 2015

Searching for Norris

There were two pumpkins sitting there,
And I wanted to stair, 
But I was hiding in my house,
Sneaking about like a mouse.
I've been hiding for a while,
Which normally isn't my style.
But when mom mentioned Halloween,
 I knew I couldn't be seen. 
People are scared of black cats,
And on Halloween it's worse than that.
They chase me about,
"Here kitty kitty!" they shout.
But I know what they want,
An accessory for their haunt.
Not a sweet kitty to hug and kiss,
But a snarling kitty, with a mean hiss.
Well that's not me,
I'm sweet and I'm pretty.
I keep my fur clean and wash it everyday,
And when a fight breaks out, I stay out of the fray.
So no, no, I won't be going out Mr. Pumpkins,
I'm staying in here till this month ends.

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