Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reading is Important

In a pumpkin patch far far away.
Nope nope nope. Hold on....

In a pumpkin patch where two pumpkins stay.
They knew something was up right away.
There was a weird odor floating in the fray.
And it lingered all day.

It was only a few weeks past Halloween,
But my goodness what could it mean?
We couldn't all be loosing our clean,
I really wanted to blame it on Uncle Jean.
And then the problem was seen.

The pumpkins were getting soft.
And the smell was getting carried aloft.
I would of wailed, but then I coughed.
The smell! I scoffed.

So I guess the pumpkins have a due date,
And today's the day we meet our fate.
But do not mourn our sad state.
We'll be back next year to demonstrate.
Our love of Halloween and all who add us to their plate.

That was a sad story!
What?! No, it was a great.
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