Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Little Planning

Marcus will take notes,
He's good at capturing my quotes.
And you will be following along,
So you won't get anything wrong.
We need to orchestrate just right,
So Halloween will be a successful night.
There needs to be spookiness and gloom,
But not so much that you clear the room.
There needs to be humor and cheer,
And funny gags people will talk about all year.
Most of all,
We need costumes from the mall.
We'll go tonight
And hopefully get it right.
Something cool and new,
Something super creative too.
A little dash of TV drama,
But not something that will upset mama.
A zombie on the prowl,
But not trying to eat brains just now.
Or a detective busy at work,
Figuring me out, with all of my quirks.
Ok ok, off we go,
We all need costumes so take it slow.
And give each other a hand,
A costume works better if its well planned. 

[Go team zombie! Nothing like a family theme!]

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