Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Crochet Ghost Story

It was a spooky night,
And the kids woke in total fright,
There was a man on a horse,
And he carried a sword gleaming bright. 

He yelled loudly at the kids,
Who quivered and hid,
He said "I know what you're doing, 
I know what you did!"

"You left trash all around!
In the trees and on the ground,
Little wrappers and leftover food,
Have all been found."

"Clean it up I say,
Or tonight you'll pay,
I'll make it rain all night 
And into the day"

"I'll make the clouds open up and ruin your trip,
Make you tumble and fall, make you slide and trip.
And in the darkness I'll mess up your tents,
And throw them to the wind with my might grip!" 

The children were whimpering softly in their tents,
And continued to hide until off he went.
But forever and always they remembered that night,
Remembered what he said, remembered the sight.
And from then on when going out in the woods,
They picked up their trash and picked up their food. 
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