Monday, October 19, 2015

A Costume Away

I'm going as Bugs Bunny, you?
Roger Rabbit.

Costume Party

Halloween's around the corner, 
And I'm running out of time.
I need a costume like now,
And I can't reuse one of mine.

Can I burrow yours? 
Just for one night.
Yours are always so great,
And give everyone a fright. 

You can have one of mine
As trade for my borrowing yours.
Please Please please!!!
I'll even do some of your chores.

I have an idea that you might like,
An idea that I've been mulling all night.
I'll go to the party as you
And you'll go as me.
We'll pretend we've switched bodies,
And we're trapped you see.

And we can dirty up out clothes,
Like we've been put under a spell,
And being switched and mixed up
Hasn't gone so well.

And then when they start to believe it's all true,
You start yelling and turning blue.
And then I'll fall down as if I'm feeling it too.
And when we pop up, we'll be our selves again.

That's PERFECT!! Just tell me what to do!

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