Friday, October 30, 2015

What's Cooking?

We were going to make stew,
Kind of a witchy brew.
When we ran out of ingredients
And didn't know what to do.

My friend suggested slugs,
The other suggested bugs.
But it didn't sound too appetizing
To eat things off of the rug.

So I ran out right away,
To the store that day.
I bought canned slugs.
But forgot the bugs to my dismay.

So back I went one more time.
And this time, got all that was mine.
Come on over,
If you want to dine.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween for Ghosts

The children will come from there you see?
First they'll see you, and then they'll see me.
They'll be looking for candy and filled with glee.
And there I'll be looking all mean and scary.
Then you start moaning and floating about
And I'll jump and "Boo!" I'll shout. 
Then off they'll run 
And won't that be fun.
We'll show them yet how this Halloween thing is done.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Three Pumpkins I See

One night I was walking home.
It was dark and I was alone.
I'd been at the library all day,
Studying for a test and practicing for a play.
I was going to be Lancelot,
And I was excited like a candied up tot.
And then I turned the corner to find these guys,
They were talking which was a big surprise.
I listened as I walked by
And the things they said, my my.
One said that Halloween was a myth,
That it was invested by a man named John Smith.
I guess he liked things a little scary,
And he invented Halloween so we could dress like witches and fairies.
Another said Halloween was just a joke,
Invented by a town that was going broke. 
They thought taxing candy would bring them extra dough,
But they didn't plan for all the eggs people would throw.
It cost more to clean up the town,
Which of course made them all frown.
And finally the last pumpkin said Halloween was just for the kids
A way for them to relax and enjoy how it is.
A way for them to spend time with friends,
And try new things and not offend.
I think this is the story I'll use from now on.
I said to myself with a yawn.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scarecrow Don't Know

There's an elf standing alone,
He's being quiet, setting the tone.
It was a spooky day and now a spooky night.
It's early Halloween, and the feeling's just right.
From behind the trees a 'Boo!" can be heard,
And screaming children laughing at the absurd.
There's a man handing out candy to each and all,
And a scary willow tree standing nearby, ominous and tall.
There's a sweat old woman cackling like a witch,
And there are children laughing, hiding in a ditch.
Just a few more days to be merry and play,
A few more days left to celebrate this holiday.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Weekend Well Spent

I had the best weekend! I went to a festival and ate kettle corn and climbed a rock wall and pet a goat and saw some sheep and bought some Christmas presents. It was amazing.
So why are you late?
I'm soooooooooooooooooo tired.

I woke quite early,
Earlier than you.
And I spent all morning,
Deciding what to do.
I wanted to go out, 
Somewhere pretty and warm.
I wanted to go to a festival,
Which you know, isn't the norm.
I found one or two,
That I thought would be fun.
And then I made us both breakfast,
And went for a run.
We headed out at noon,
Which is right on time.
And we got there a little early.
Plenty of time to get in line.
We waited for the climbing wall,
Waited for the food.
We waited for the pony,
At least I did, you weren't in the mood.
And then sat and watched the music play
And the singer sing a tune.
And we stayed there all day,
Until we could see the moon.
It was delightful and wonderful,
And all those things.
It was just what I needed,
And it made me feel like a king.

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Few New Friends

A bit off to the side sat Clyde. He struggled to fit in but he tried. And the bunnies were nice, always ready to help and give advice. They were talking of Halloween, and outfits made of satin with sheen. They were going as bats, ogres, and dwarves. Clyde was planning on going as smoldering s'mores. It was a fun idea, and the kids all laughed. Clyde was sure good at this Halloween craft. They all agreed to meet in the morn, to check out the outfits they'd all adorn. They were going out together, depending on the weather, to trick or treat, what could be better? Clyde was excited, he had been invited, and again Halloween was saved, and the road to new friendships was paved. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two On The Left

Two of us is better than one.
One of us just can't have as much fun.
Three of us, can play basketball,
But without number four, it's no fun at all.
Five of us would be pretty cool,
But having none of us would be pretty cruel.
And what did we learn from this happy tour?
That all of us is better for sure.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When To Say Boo

Listen, I know it's Halloween and that's "your holiday." But must you go around saying "Boo!!" to everyone you walk by? I mean...the sun's up, it's bright and cheery. We're not scared.

But that's what we do.
Yeah. We do that. We're not asking you to stop eating are we? Because that's essentially what you're asking. 

I guess "Boo"?

There you go.
That's the spirit.

[haha, tell me you caught that.]

When the Ghosts Said Boo
I  was sitting alone,
Watching a show or two.

When behind me crept a specter
And it screamed BOO!

I was so frightened,
It was so out of the blue.

That I fell over onto the floor
And then sneezed, ACHOO!

The specter was not expecting this,
And away he flew.

Frighted was he,
That I could make a loud noise too.

So remember this children,
And keep some pepper with you.

So that when the specter comes,
You'll know just what to do.

Sprinkle the pepper into the air,
And loudly, proudly, sneeze ACHOO.

And scare a specter too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Little Planning

Marcus will take notes,
He's good at capturing my quotes.
And you will be following along,
So you won't get anything wrong.
We need to orchestrate just right,
So Halloween will be a successful night.
There needs to be spookiness and gloom,
But not so much that you clear the room.
There needs to be humor and cheer,
And funny gags people will talk about all year.
Most of all,
We need costumes from the mall.
We'll go tonight
And hopefully get it right.
Something cool and new,
Something super creative too.
A little dash of TV drama,
But not something that will upset mama.
A zombie on the prowl,
But not trying to eat brains just now.
Or a detective busy at work,
Figuring me out, with all of my quirks.
Ok ok, off we go,
We all need costumes so take it slow.
And give each other a hand,
A costume works better if its well planned. 

[Go team zombie! Nothing like a family theme!]

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Costume Away

I'm going as Bugs Bunny, you?
Roger Rabbit.

Costume Party

Halloween's around the corner, 
And I'm running out of time.
I need a costume like now,
And I can't reuse one of mine.

Can I burrow yours? 
Just for one night.
Yours are always so great,
And give everyone a fright. 

You can have one of mine
As trade for my borrowing yours.
Please Please please!!!
I'll even do some of your chores.

I have an idea that you might like,
An idea that I've been mulling all night.
I'll go to the party as you
And you'll go as me.
We'll pretend we've switched bodies,
And we're trapped you see.

And we can dirty up out clothes,
Like we've been put under a spell,
And being switched and mixed up
Hasn't gone so well.

And then when they start to believe it's all true,
You start yelling and turning blue.
And then I'll fall down as if I'm feeling it too.
And when we pop up, we'll be our selves again.

That's PERFECT!! Just tell me what to do!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Treasure Hunt

What are they looking for?
Buried treasure.
Is it buried if it's at the bottom of a well?
Oooooh, good question.

Under rocks, beneath bails,
Behind the house, behind the jail.
I'll look anywhere and everywhere,
Even where you wouldn't dare.
I'll search the sea, I'll search the sky
I'll search way down low and way up high.
I won't give up, I will never stop.
I know mom hid candy and I'll search till I drop.

[If you find it, I hope you'll share!!]

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Getting Spooky

We've got one chance to get this right, so please please please follow my lead. Ralph, you need to bring a candy bag this time. And Bill it's "trick or treat!" Say it more sing-song-ee and Jill, you need to stop sighing! People are going to catch on that you're not real kids.

Mikalah, maybe we just weren't meant to get candy.

I can't even talk to you right now.

Pursuit of Candy
It's on my mind every second of every day.
When I eat and when I play.
I'm thinking about it even at work,
I swear I'm going berserk.
I know I need to wait,
To be patient until it's the right date.
But October 31st still wayyy far away
And I want my candy TODAY!!
How many days are left?
What if my neighbors become victims of theft.
And all the candy is stolen away.
Oh man, I don't know what I'll do that day.
Cry and moan and ask everyone why
"Why did someone still the candy!?" I'll scream at the sky.
And then, HOPEFULLY, my mom will shake her head and grab her keys,
And take me to the store to buy as much as I please.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm Going to Flutter

A gentle wind is blowing.
A crispness is in the air.
There are birds chirping in the distance.
There are children playing over there.

I fluttered in just to see you.
And I'm happy that I stayed.
I'm glad we got time to hang out.
And to watch the sunlight fade.

Soon I'll be off again.
To fly somewhere new. 
I hope I'll see you again.
Maybe sometime soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reading is Important

In a pumpkin patch far far away.
Nope nope nope. Hold on....

In a pumpkin patch where two pumpkins stay.
They knew something was up right away.
There was a weird odor floating in the fray.
And it lingered all day.

It was only a few weeks past Halloween,
But my goodness what could it mean?
We couldn't all be loosing our clean,
I really wanted to blame it on Uncle Jean.
And then the problem was seen.

The pumpkins were getting soft.
And the smell was getting carried aloft.
I would of wailed, but then I coughed.
The smell! I scoffed.

So I guess the pumpkins have a due date,
And today's the day we meet our fate.
But do not mourn our sad state.
We'll be back next year to demonstrate.
Our love of Halloween and all who add us to their plate.

That was a sad story!
What?! No, it was a great.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Taking Off

I'm headed out of here,
Going where I love dear.
My home out in the woods, 
My place where all the musts become shoulds.
I'm going to throw food, and do no good.
I'm going to roll in dirt, and mess up my shirt.
I'm going to say bad words,
And just act completely absurd. 
And when I return, I'll be that lovely kitty again,
And we can play nice like good friends. 

[I admit the picture above isn't pristine. It's from December, 2013. But today is a day off, and I've got other chores to take care of. So I hope you forgive my repeat, and I hope you like the above feat. Today is about being brave, and adventuring and not being naive. It's about discovering new worlds, and watching the world unfurl. So you go and do it boys and girls.]

Friday, October 9, 2015

Searching for Norris

There were two pumpkins sitting there,
And I wanted to stair, 
But I was hiding in my house,
Sneaking about like a mouse.
I've been hiding for a while,
Which normally isn't my style.
But when mom mentioned Halloween,
 I knew I couldn't be seen. 
People are scared of black cats,
And on Halloween it's worse than that.
They chase me about,
"Here kitty kitty!" they shout.
But I know what they want,
An accessory for their haunt.
Not a sweet kitty to hug and kiss,
But a snarling kitty, with a mean hiss.
Well that's not me,
I'm sweet and I'm pretty.
I keep my fur clean and wash it everyday,
And when a fight breaks out, I stay out of the fray.
So no, no, I won't be going out Mr. Pumpkins,
I'm staying in here till this month ends.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Crochet Ghost Story

It was a spooky night,
And the kids woke in total fright,
There was a man on a horse,
And he carried a sword gleaming bright. 

He yelled loudly at the kids,
Who quivered and hid,
He said "I know what you're doing, 
I know what you did!"

"You left trash all around!
In the trees and on the ground,
Little wrappers and leftover food,
Have all been found."

"Clean it up I say,
Or tonight you'll pay,
I'll make it rain all night 
And into the day"

"I'll make the clouds open up and ruin your trip,
Make you tumble and fall, make you slide and trip.
And in the darkness I'll mess up your tents,
And throw them to the wind with my might grip!" 

The children were whimpering softly in their tents,
And continued to hide until off he went.
But forever and always they remembered that night,
Remembered what he said, remembered the sight.
And from then on when going out in the woods,
They picked up their trash and picked up their food. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Calm After the Boom

I was standing nice and tall.
But you weren't singing at all.
I was smiling large and bright.
It's no matter if you don't sing with all your might.
But my presence is so large!
You forget, I'm in charge.
So sing! Sing!
Or your finish bells will ring.
Yes, ok. To your notes I will cling.
And bellow loudly as if it will soon be spring!
Ah yes, let's go, and sing about snow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Chorus of Bunnies

The cold wind's a blowing,
And soon it'll be snowing,
The crows will be crowing,
The snowballs we'll be throwing.

Bring on the snow,
From where? I don't know.
From the sky it'll flow!
And in the wind it'll blow. 

Falling upon the town,
Making parents frown,
Because power will be down,
 And kids will be rolling upon the ground.

Only a few months go,
Until from the sky will grow,
Those twinkling chrystals we call snow.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bringing Fall Alive

On a cliff way up high,
Sits a pumpkin looking to the sky.
Soon the clouds will skitter in,
And the fall will begin.
He's been waiting for some time,
Waiting for laughter, waiting for rhyme.
The kids need to come and fine him.
He's been looking for them, all around him.
But soon, oh so soon, 
The feeling of Halloween will bloom.
And a brave little child,
Will find him out here in the wild.
And it'll be time to have fun,
As Halloween will have just begun.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Arriving Late to the Party

When did you guys leave? You're a few months late for my house party.
Sorry! There was a slight miscalculation in travel time and the map got a bit wet.

When headed to a fete, don't take a bet
On arriving on time and thinking it'll be fine.
If you mess with fate, traffic will make you late, and I won't stay to be your date. 
Being on time is key, to being the life of the party.
People who are late, like ten when the invite said eight, are mean to make people wait.
So buy a watch, set an alarm, or tie a string around your arm.
But be on time. Or next, it'll be you standing in line.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Canoe Lost at Sea

On an adventure in the sea
Three owls got lost when trying to flea
The mad buzzings of an angry bee.

The bee had hopped aboard
Not knowing he'd be ignored
And away from the land where his honey was stored.

The angry bee, buzzed and zoomed
And above his head dark clouds plumed
The owls rushed away as the bee fumed

In one last angry twirl
The bee turned back to the land with his wings unfurled.
And the owls set off again to visit their friend, Earl. 
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