Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Work Meeting

It was a cool crisp day the morning of the weekly company meeting. Darryl was upset about something, everyone could sense his annoyance and it was make them antsy to get a away. Finally Nina showed up and Darryl got everyone's attention by waving his arm.

"Mike, you spilled soap all over the south lawn, you need to go out there with a mop and clean it up. Deer are getting sick." Everyone looked to Mike who was busy looking very attentively at his foot.

Nina bravely asked "What were you doing with soap all the way out there?"

Sighing, "I was cleaning the trees," Mike shrugged his shoulders looking let down.

When Work Goes Awry
So the coffee came out too strong,
And you made your breakfast all wrong.
You can add more milk or that fake stuff, Silk.
And then it'll be better, so go grab your sweater and let go!

So the car broke down and now you've got a frown
Don't feel too bad, don't worry why,
Just keep going, it's good to just try.

When the work overflows and outside it snows,
Be glad your inside, happily fed and dried.
The most you can say is you tried, and that's all you need says I.

So chase the work as you smirk,
Hide that fax on Max,
And laugh at your boss's next gaff.
Because work can be rough, unless you find humor in this stuff.
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