Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Alien Pasttime

I was going to stay home and make bluuh, but no one's there to eat it so what the point.
I'll come over, are we going to play zizzenplierishtiloyer?
We could, but half the letters are missing.
That eliminates all but 10% of all words.
I know. Chirades?

Game Play
There is a game that we play that requires deep thought,
You have to pay attention or you won't know what you've got.
There's a leader at the front, and a speller in the end.
Make sure you are cautious and don't play with your friend.
You want to stack all the cards and pick two at a time,
And then flip them over, all in a line.
And at the end, if the words line up just write,
You will win the game and party all night.

[Ok and someone invent this!]
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