Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Holding the Team Together

I think I hurt my back. Can't move.
Oh well, time to replace you I guess.

My Better Half
I was hurt and I was aching,
Even while my hands were shaking,
There was no mistaking,
The chance I was taking.

I could fall and be hurt,
Land face down in the dirt.
I was on high alert,
But felt the need to assert

"I'm fine!"
What a line.
Between one and ten, my pain was a nine. 
I laid back down and began to whine.

But my bestie took pity on me,
They helped me up on three,
And helped me home carefully.

I lay in bed for three days,
And I was sad watching football play,
Until finally my back was okay.
And I thankfully stretched and moved on my way.

My bestie I must say,
Is the hero today.
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