Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Work Politics

Another Day at Team Building Camp
As a team we'll beat this course.
Together we're an unstoppable force.
So follow me friends,
Together we'll get through to the end.

I don't know, it looks a mess,
I don't think I'm properly dressed.
There could be hazards that we can't see,
I think it's best if we flee. 

Mike, help Lucy over this pit,
Jack, please don't throw a fit.
I'm sure we'll find a solution,
To getting over the muddy pit of pollution.

Boss, Jack fell in the pit,
And my leg hurts, I think i need to sit.
Can we to a diner to eat?
I don't think we can keep going in this heat.

Oh man, Lucy, I'm sorry about your hair.
Jack I'm sorry about the dare.
Mike, you're right, this wasn't a good fit.
Let's go get pancakes and talk for a bit.

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