Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Team Sports

We begged and cajoled,
While we watched events unfold.

He was going to pick blue,
Why or why can't he pick me to?

I'm so great at catching the ball,
I could catch it in the rain, I could catch them all!

Oh no, there goes Jill,
She's fast. Faster than Bill.

Mike will probably be next,
His muscles are big when they're flexed. 

Then Ben and Penny,
Darryl and Lenny,
Jude and James,
All the same.

Till the last two are standing, 
Both boasting that they're outstanding.

But why be so nervous?
Everyone gets picked, that's on purpose.

So one or two have to wait 'till the end,
They might be the best, and a new friend.

In my opinion, last is the best,
But I guess you can decide for yourself like the rest.

But just between you and me?
I save the best for last because it fills me with glee.

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