Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spending Time Together

I'm going to tell you now,
Something bad, I'm not proud.

I may have gotten poor Ben,
In a little bit of a bend.

My Da found an empty box,
Of the most delicious chocolate lollipops.

And I didn't really want to tell,
That it was my mischief he smelled.

So I lied!
I cried, "It was Ben!" I replied.

Oh me oh my.
Now Ben's in trouble and I just need to hide.

I need to tell the truth I know,
But telling the truth is a terrible lawn to mow.

There are all these bumps and pits,
And usually someone throws some fits.

But I'll go now I swear,
Because Ben's sadness I cannot bear.

And to Ben I'll apologize,
His friendship is the true surprise.

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