Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On a Safari

In Africa can be found,
An animal quite round,
With horns for a crown,
And emitting a whiny sound.

The desert is his home you see,
So please don't flee.
He's only here to visit me,
And maybe play some Yahtzee.

Rhino like to eat grass,
And sometimes pass gas.
They are known to put out fires as they pass,
And are not one you should harass.

While rhino have fun and joke,
They don't take kindly to mean folk,
Who sneak up just to give them a poke,
And then laugh and fall over as they choke.

A rhino is a great friend.
If you have a party, they always attend.
And when sick, a nice card they'll send.
Or soup and crackers when you're on the mend.

So if you have a chance,
Say hi to my friend, Lance,
And give him a smiling glance.
Before off you prance.
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