Thursday, August 27, 2015

Just Hanging Around

A day bouldering, or attempting to boulder - ha!, appears to go someone astray.

When going out to play,
It might be good to say,
Should we really be climbing today?

Climbers tend to practice you know,
And they usually have equipment to show.

Not a loose fitting knot,
And a hope you won't drop,
Oh my gosh you're falling and won't stop!!

My heart! I can't take it,
If your leg isn't broke I'll brake it!

Next time I'm staying home,
Where the walls are covered in foam,
And mom makes cookies that look like gnomes.

Listen, just get me out of this jam, 
It's really not a big deal man.

So I'm stuck, no big deal,
Climbing is about being real,
And a few falls will be good for my zeal. 

You're out of mind, 
Come on, let's get this rope to unwind.

Do you think we'll get home in time?

For what? 

Mom's making key lime.

This will take to long, CLIMB CLIMB!

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