Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is it Wednesday?

First there was the weekend, and that was quite nice,
Now it's mid-week, when Friday would suffice.

I worked two long days didn't I, so why a third so soon?
There are so many lovely things I could be doing this afternoon.

But it's off to work again and back to reading mail,
I work at the post office you see, with my friend Gail.

We sort the mail as it comes in and send it off to its home,
And sometimes I go on deliveries, but I'd rather go roam.

I'd rather swarm the county side and chase a bear or two,
I'd rather collect pollen for honey; selling stamps is making me blue.

But only 3 more days to go, if the calendar can be believed,
But between you and me, I've got a thing or two up my sleeve.

There's the summer time fever that all ways work in a pinch,
But if your in a hurry, a good wack on the finger will make a boss flinch.

There's the toothache if your desperate and sometimes a headache or two,
But if you really want to make a quick exit, complain you ate a bad stew!

Wednesdays are the most difficult, and there's no sympathy to be had,
'Cause no one likes Wednesdays, and if someone says they do, it's just a fad.

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