Monday, August 31, 2015

Galloping to the Finish Line

At school we run races
And I'm put through my paces,
But I can't stand the faces,
As I round all the bases.

There's a silliness there,
And I haven't a care,
For the worry laid bare,
In my coach's stare.

So I'm O for O,
And everyone's yelling go.
I quicken my legs, not letting them slow.
And wouldn't you know?
I've passed the white base and it's go! 
It's one for the show.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ask a Friend

Ask a friend, ask a pal,
Tell them the crazy you've gotten into now.

Beg for help, beg for time,
You'll need it to clean the grime.
Who plans a party at half past two?
Who invites a dozen people out of the blue?
Make the kids help, they're good for free labor,
I'll call the butcher and ask for a favor.
We'll barbecue steaks, it'll take less time,
Go clean the house and find that apron of mine.
Fridays are tough and filled with weird stuff,
Please stop adding to it! Life's already rough.


[Aww, who doesn't like a last minute party right? Like me, I've got a date with my hook and a yarn.]

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Just Hanging Around

A day bouldering, or attempting to boulder - ha!, appears to go someone astray.

When going out to play,
It might be good to say,
Should we really be climbing today?

Climbers tend to practice you know,
And they usually have equipment to show.

Not a loose fitting knot,
And a hope you won't drop,
Oh my gosh you're falling and won't stop!!

My heart! I can't take it,
If your leg isn't broke I'll brake it!

Next time I'm staying home,
Where the walls are covered in foam,
And mom makes cookies that look like gnomes.

Listen, just get me out of this jam, 
It's really not a big deal man.

So I'm stuck, no big deal,
Climbing is about being real,
And a few falls will be good for my zeal. 

You're out of mind, 
Come on, let's get this rope to unwind.

Do you think we'll get home in time?

For what? 

Mom's making key lime.

This will take to long, CLIMB CLIMB!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Is it Wednesday?

First there was the weekend, and that was quite nice,
Now it's mid-week, when Friday would suffice.

I worked two long days didn't I, so why a third so soon?
There are so many lovely things I could be doing this afternoon.

But it's off to work again and back to reading mail,
I work at the post office you see, with my friend Gail.

We sort the mail as it comes in and send it off to its home,
And sometimes I go on deliveries, but I'd rather go roam.

I'd rather swarm the county side and chase a bear or two,
I'd rather collect pollen for honey; selling stamps is making me blue.

But only 3 more days to go, if the calendar can be believed,
But between you and me, I've got a thing or two up my sleeve.

There's the summer time fever that all ways work in a pinch,
But if your in a hurry, a good wack on the finger will make a boss flinch.

There's the toothache if your desperate and sometimes a headache or two,
But if you really want to make a quick exit, complain you ate a bad stew!

Wednesdays are the most difficult, and there's no sympathy to be had,
'Cause no one likes Wednesdays, and if someone says they do, it's just a fad.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On a Safari

In Africa can be found,
An animal quite round,
With horns for a crown,
And emitting a whiny sound.

The desert is his home you see,
So please don't flee.
He's only here to visit me,
And maybe play some Yahtzee.

Rhino like to eat grass,
And sometimes pass gas.
They are known to put out fires as they pass,
And are not one you should harass.

While rhino have fun and joke,
They don't take kindly to mean folk,
Who sneak up just to give them a poke,
And then laugh and fall over as they choke.

A rhino is a great friend.
If you have a party, they always attend.
And when sick, a nice card they'll send.
Or soup and crackers when you're on the mend.

So if you have a chance,
Say hi to my friend, Lance,
And give him a smiling glance.
Before off you prance.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Small Things

Another fun week ended and its back to work. Poor Sam can't eat his carrot, 'cause he lost his knife and fork. I'm sure it's near by, maybe under this tree. But it's all very upsetting and I feel pretty sorry.

We had a fun weekend, Sunday being the best. We played games to all hours, and I guess we forgot to rest. But it'll be alright tomorrow, I'm sure the fork will be found, I'll help him later, look all around.

Did you have a nice weekend? I hope it was the best. I hope you hung out with friends,from the north and southwest. Maybe you went to the movies! Or dinner and a show, maybe you played D&D or something else fun, I don't know. But whatever it was, I hope it was great, because now it's Monday and work starts at eight.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Weekend of Fun

The party starts around one,
But the decorating isn't done.
I have so much to do,

But it's only a small crew.
They're helping where they can,

But I could really use more time man.

A party for all to enjoy,
A party with games and fun toys.
A party with drinks and snacks,
A party with many acts.

First comes the charades,
That's where heroes are made.
Then comes the Pictionary,
And secretly I beg for a dictionary.
And finally the midnight hunt,
With flashlights looking for candy behind rocks and stumps.

It's good fun for all, 
But not if I don't finish, then I'll just bawl.
  Hey, you look stout,
How about helping me out?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Kitty for my Cat

I'm looking for this and that,
I'm not quite sure, but would a cat like to chat?
I could use a good talking,
But certainly not walking,
Just a snip and snap, how do you feel about that?
Oh yes, I don't know,
I've been looking where to go,
To find someone nice,
To talk to me thrice.
Will you stay for a while?
Is chatting your style?
Oh good, come on in,
The water's nice where I've been.
We can talk birds and fish,
And all the things I miss
Sitting here in the water,
Enjoying the weather that's getting hotter.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Crochet Otter Pattern

What do you guys think of my new pattern? I really like how he turned out, and now the kids have stolen my second one! I'm going to have to come up with some otterly adorable poetry for this one...

And just in case your interested in making your own, the pattern can be purchased on Ravelry or click on the right side of my blog on crochet patterns for a link to purchase.

Team Sports

We begged and cajoled,
While we watched events unfold.

He was going to pick blue,
Why or why can't he pick me to?

I'm so great at catching the ball,
I could catch it in the rain, I could catch them all!

Oh no, there goes Jill,
She's fast. Faster than Bill.

Mike will probably be next,
His muscles are big when they're flexed. 

Then Ben and Penny,
Darryl and Lenny,
Jude and James,
All the same.

Till the last two are standing, 
Both boasting that they're outstanding.

But why be so nervous?
Everyone gets picked, that's on purpose.

So one or two have to wait 'till the end,
They might be the best, and a new friend.

In my opinion, last is the best,
But I guess you can decide for yourself like the rest.

But just between you and me?
I save the best for last because it fills me with glee.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Flying Together is Better

Ok on three.
No, no. Listen to me.
One, two, three, and then we go
You need to kick off fast, not take it slow.

Ok on three.
Oh gosh, I'm sorry Mr. Bee.
We need to take off one at a time,
If we rush things your head will bump into mine.

You on one, me two, you three and four,
We need to coordinate our exit from the floor.
Good bird, great bees, hey, look at me!
Yes flying up high is better with three (and four, sorry bee).

Monday, August 17, 2015

You Can Fly Too

Up in the air, 
No one can stare.
I can fly all day,
And that's quite rare.

People ask, "Do you get tired?"
And I say no. 
"I'm special," I say.
And that's just how it goes.

You can fly too,
Just do what I do.
Flap your wings real high,
And you'll go to the sky.

No wings you say?
Hmm, ok.
How about an airplane?
It's mostly the same.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Today is the Time to Play

On a sunny day, two friends began to play. Up and down they ran, faster faster yes they can. And when one would come to a stop, down to the ground they both would flop. It was a fun time to be friends, and they both hoped for no end. The sky was blue, the sun shone high, they jumped and jumped, trying to fly. And when they grew tired, and the day turned gray, they wandered home to play. There were board games, card games, and chess, but really hide and seek was the best. And it went for quite some time, until the moon began to climb. And their moms and dads picked one of them up and the other into bed was tucked. But don't worry because tomorrow is Saturday and they'll get another chance to play.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spending Time Together

I'm going to tell you now,
Something bad, I'm not proud.

I may have gotten poor Ben,
In a little bit of a bend.

My Da found an empty box,
Of the most delicious chocolate lollipops.

And I didn't really want to tell,
That it was my mischief he smelled.

So I lied!
I cried, "It was Ben!" I replied.

Oh me oh my.
Now Ben's in trouble and I just need to hide.

I need to tell the truth I know,
But telling the truth is a terrible lawn to mow.

There are all these bumps and pits,
And usually someone throws some fits.

But I'll go now I swear,
Because Ben's sadness I cannot bear.

And to Ben I'll apologize,
His friendship is the true surprise.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sneaking up on Books

My friends, my pals, you need to run right now.
In a few days time, you'll have books on your mind!

There's this scary thing coming..
Seriously, start running.
Oh my gosh, it's so stunning.

There you'll learn about math, science, and art,
You'll learn about music and reading notes on a chart.
You'll make great friends, 
And have fun every day.

And please please remember to play.

Yes, you'll do homework and learn new things,
And your teacher will show you all the fun that learning brings.

So pack your bags, grab your new shoes,
It's time to go back, it's the brave thing to do!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Setting the Scene

There were three in the lunch line,
Two in the park,
One hiding behind the tree,
Until it was good and dark.

There was one in the forest,
Two in the woods,
Three waiting for the others,
To go out for something good.

There are five in total,
Three always around.
It's a busy place to live,
This crazy crochet town.

So bring in your friends,
One, two, and especially three.
And have them come over,
To play cards with me.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Just Another Day

In a few weeks I will head off to school. 

I will try to look cool. 

When I fall asleep I won't drool...
Or fall off my stool.

I will try to fit in.

No throwing trash out in the recycling bin...
Or losing my keys in the toilette. Again.

I will try to listen.
And make good decisions.
And learn about nuclear fission.

This will all be my mission.

And you should too,
Come up with plans of what you'll do,
To make this year the best for you.

Good luck and toodaloo!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Greetings from the Ground

There you are Sampson, we've been looking all over.
That's strange, I haven't moved since October.
Of course you have! I saw you last week.
You were at the store buying potatoes and leeks.
Oh yes, you're quite right. I was making a strew.
Hmm, I hope I didn't leave it, cooking down to glue. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cats and Bugs

She sneaks on up, behind that bug,
Not to eat, but to give a great hug.

But that bug doesn't know,
Quite how it's going to go.
So he's scared and prepared,
To fight, toe to toe.

Wouldn't that be nice,
I thought with a grin,
But I couldn't do that, so I had to step in.

I explained about the cat,
And introduced her to him.
And now we just hang out and are good friends. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Call It Like I See It

I don't like my co-workers,
I don't like my friends.
I love them all!
Till the bitter bitter end.

I don't like candy,
Chocolate is made from beans,
I super love it just so much.
'Happiness!!' is what it means.

I don't like waiting in lines
I don't waiting in rows,
But some people and things are just worth it
And that's just how life sometimes goes. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Work Politics

Another Day at Team Building Camp
As a team we'll beat this course.
Together we're an unstoppable force.
So follow me friends,
Together we'll get through to the end.

I don't know, it looks a mess,
I don't think I'm properly dressed.
There could be hazards that we can't see,
I think it's best if we flee. 

Mike, help Lucy over this pit,
Jack, please don't throw a fit.
I'm sure we'll find a solution,
To getting over the muddy pit of pollution.

Boss, Jack fell in the pit,
And my leg hurts, I think i need to sit.
Can we to a diner to eat?
I don't think we can keep going in this heat.

Oh man, Lucy, I'm sorry about your hair.
Jack I'm sorry about the dare.
Mike, you're right, this wasn't a good fit.
Let's go get pancakes and talk for a bit.

Monday, August 3, 2015

It Was a Wet Weekend

First there was a drip.
Then a pitter patter hit my lip.
I looked up just as the sky let'er rip.
It was so loud!
Just a bit.

We dashed just as the lightening crashed
Its brilliance flashed.

A crack and boom just before the darkness loomed.
My fiber was ruined I fumed.
We were to drown I assumed. 

But then the sun arrived
We had survived.

If not a bit wetter,
Certainly better.

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