Friday, July 31, 2015

We Will Go A Boating

One, Two, Four, Six,
We've got sheepies and pony in the mix.

Five, Seven, Nine, and Four,
Gonna go rafting, gonna explore.

Do, Bee, ZuZu, Crow,
Gonna go fishing, gonna learn how to throw.

Stop, Stop, Ok go! 
Beat me to the beach and I'll let you row.

And go.
And stop.
And follow.... that plot.

Count it on down now.
And One.
This was fun, but now I'm done.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Tweeting Good Time

I. Am. Sitting on a hill!
Singing something shrill.
Don't you get a thrill?
No. More like I need a pill.
But stiIIIIiiiiIIIIiiiLL...

Aren't you impressed!?
My singing is truly the best., I'm not super impressed.
You jest!

I'm a stunning acapella! (lalalalala)
No, but a pretty swell fella'.
I could sing at Coachella!
It's not gonna happen. That's all I can tell ya.

Oh well, let's sing a sweet rhyme.
Now that's something worth my time.

Stu wah, ta-da!
Hoo ha, buh rah.
Come now, let's tata
Bu bah!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Someone's Time to Shine

I'm an itty bitty fish,
You're a cutie little miss.

I'm a swimmer in the mist,
Your a paddler, we get the gist.

I'm a strong splish and splasher,
You need to go faster.

I'm the best there ever was!
Oh gloat, that's what everyone does.

It's not gloating if it's true.
And a fibber too.

I'll prove it, you'll see.
I'm the best there'll ever be.

So go and prove it.
You've got the grit and the spirit.

Thanks brother.
Sure, I love you like no other.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Day on the Hill

Hi all, this is my friend Crenshaw.
He's my brother-in-law.
And he's a southpaw.
That means leftie.

He likes to hang out, 
And wander about.
He never shouts,
And only occasionally pouts.
He's a good friend, I have no doubt.

So anyways, how are you?
Are you headed back to school?
Or maybe it's still summer and you're headed to the pool.
That would be super cool.

Send me a note,
Or call me, I'll be on the boat.
I'd like to see what you wrote.

I'm going to write about my pet goat.
He's the best goat that ever did float in a moat on a boat.
On him I really do dote.

Monday, July 27, 2015

On a Monday Morning

First light,
It's bright.
I have a friend, but they're out of sight.

Hiding still,
In the morning's chill,
A friend with wings, a friend named Bill.

On Monday Mornings we sit just here,
And talk about the day drawing near.

Each a worker, all day long,
We talk about our favorite songs.

And bands and music and silly stuff,
That makes the workday seem less rough.

And then off we go into the light,
To work another day until the night.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Turtle Candy Dish Crochet Pattern

Turtle Candy Dish Crochet Pattern

Just listed! I'm very excited about this. Mainly because I LOVE turtles, but also because it's just so darn cute. Available now on Ravelry and Etsy, use any left over yarn/colors in worsted weight that you have and please please, post pictures on the Crochet By Karin Facebook page. I'd love to see your completed turtles.

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Friday to Remember

I'm so glad you came,
Without you the weekend would be lame.
Perhaps we could play a game?
Checkers, rummy, or the same?

Oh yes, I am glad.
Staying home alone would have been mad.
And I may have been a little sad.
But games and food, that's not bad.

Well then, let's be off.
Let's get into some mischief and stuff.

Can we stop for fries if the weather get's rough.
Of course, I just hope they have enough.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Planning my Weekend

Alone on my throne,
Makes me happy to the bone.
Surrounded by pretty colors,
There's  no need for any others.
Not one thing I'd miss,
Being along is pure bliss.

Oh who am I kidding?
I need someone to do my bidding.

Someone to fetch some pie,
Someone to believe me when I lie.
I'm going to call that green guy,
I'm sure if I ask, he'll come by.

THEN I'll be happy you'll see,
Happier than a bear with honey.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sunny and Sweet

Did you remember to grab silverware? Sorry no, I thought we'd just nibble a bit.
Ha, funny coming from a fish.

The Sun is Shining

The sun is shining bright and it feels so right. 
Sitting here together, getting a bite. 

Oh yes, sweet Jess, 
It's a lovely day to beat the stress.

Did you see Bill roll down that hill?! 
So funny to see him get such a thrill.

I can't wait to go, Joe
Can you image, bouncing here and there, to and fro.

I know, I know, let's go!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sliding Through Life

Here I go, here I go,
Down I slide,
Happy to be here,
Happy to thrive.

Down I go, down I go,
Flying so fast,
Heading to the bottom,
Getting ready to crash.

Follow me down, 
Be so brave,
It's time we had fun,
Time we played.

Grab your hat,
Your shades too,
Come on man,
Let's have some fun too.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Blues

Monday isn't Sunday,
And it certainly isn't funday.

There's work to be done,
And I'm lookin' to run.

I've got a list of chores to do,
And it's making me feel blue.

I've got homework on my list,
And I think you get the jist.

I'm waiting out the day,
But it's not soon enough until I play

So I guess I'll venture on,
Until all the work is gone. 

Will you meet me later on?
We could play pong.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Blues

I was flying along,
Singing my song,
When these two little kids did me wrong.

They were laughing you see,
Making fun of the "cute chik-a-dee."
That's me.
And they hurt my feelings pretty thoroughly.

I just want to get along,
And sing a song,
I don't need someone doing me wrong.

So I said "Hey you kids!"
"Why don't you stop telling fibs."
"It's not nice to do what you did."

And they looked pretty sad, 
They said sorry that they were bad.
And now we're cool, so I'm glad.

I'm glad I stood up and said what I did.
And I'm proud of those kids.

It's easy to be mean,
But being nice is supreme.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Investigation is Key

What is it?
I don't know.
It sure is pretty,
Look at it glow!

Do you think we can touch?
I dare not try.
I want to bat at it.
Yes, yes! Make it fly.

I'll try that red bit, just at the bottom.
Oh man, there sure are a lot of them.
Just make way, give me a chance.
Hurry! I want to see them dance.

A flit, a flutter,
A growl, a dive and a stutter.
I've got one now! 
Don't let it go.
It's just so wiggly,
I'll catch it, just throw!

And it went on like this for several hours,
Kitties like fluff more than honey or flowers.
It's like those bits of string have special powers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An Octopus Dinner Date

I've got mom on my list,
A dinner I'd never miss,
Her food is pure bliss.

I've got mom on my mind,
She's so nice all the time,
Being mean to her would be a crime.

I've got mom to thank,
For that hand squeezed juice I drank,
For her Id' break my piggy bank.

A gift for mom is what's in store,
And guaranteed, it won't be a chore.
I just hope my gift will make her heart soar.

Because she's the best, and her I do adore.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flowers Abound

Flowers abound in the small one hive town,
There's a flower for us each, but they must first be found.

So off to the races, off for some fun,
Find yourself a bloom and hungrily chomp it down.

But wait! oh wait, we've forgotten one thing,
The honey's what we want, now doesn't that have a nice ring.

Honey for you! And honey for me.
If we share with each other, we can feed more than three!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sharing the Spotlight

I'll whisper in your ear,
So no one hears.
But I'm afraid my message won't be very clear.

A scowl and a grimace,
Has now covered your image.
You appear to be readying for a scrimmage.

Oh dear,
You've misunderstood I fear.
I just meant to wish you a good year,
But I fear,
You heard, "have a nice rear!"

A snicker and a snort,
Ahh laughter, a happy last resort.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Circling a Tree

As happy as can be,
Three gnomes around a tree.

They sing and dance, 
They don't jump, they prance!

You must be quick
To catch them in the thick.

The trees so tall,
It's hard to see them all.

So run through the woods,
Catch a glimpse if you could
and if you would
Tell your friends about how proud they stood.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Feeling a Bit Gnomish

Hello my good friends,
What are you up to, over here in the bend?

We're picking the flowers for a nice gnome stew,
On a hot hot day, it's the only thing to do.

That's sounds awfully fine,
If you invite me over, I'll bring some wine.

Excellent my lady. Yes, good show.
Turtles are so nice, don't you know.

Wonderful and thank you again.
I'll come by later shall I? For din din?

Yup, we'll see you then.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Crochet Summer

Sitting in the day light,
That's what I like.
Warming my shell in the sun,
It's better than buttered buns.
And the smell!
It makes my heart swell.
But this you know all to well.

Yes, yes, I love the sun.
It makes the day so much more fun.
I can sit for hours in the heat,
And sun on the flowers make them smell so sweet.
Summer simply can't be beat.

Let's invite the guys to join us!
Yes! Pete, Joy, and my brother Gus.
We can play catch and sing some songs,
And just hang out all day long. 
I tell you, with summer, you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Little Rhino Therapy

Why Hello! Little lads.
I'm so happy, I'm so glad.
I'm a rhino you see, 
And I'm so happy to be me.
I've got horns on my nose, and rough thick skin,
I live in the dessert and at games, I always win!

I'm a big burly guy,
Thick in the gut and the thigh.
I like to roam around, 
And eat plants off the ground.

And if you've got a sec or two,
I'd love to play a game with you.
Just start running that a'way,
And I'll chase after, straight away.

If I catch you, then you win,
Because we get to play all over again!

Monday, July 6, 2015

I like Books

"I like books!" I say,
Each and every day.

Short ones are best,
As I'm easily tired and need a short rest.
The short ones last just long enough,
Then it's off again to do more stuff.

The long ones are for special trips,
Like long cruises on gigantic ships.

The ones with the pictures I save for last,
When I'm waiting in line and it's not moving so fast. 
The pictures are fun, the stories entertaining,
It keeps me distracted when my patience is waning.

A book a book, just take a look,
You'll be so happy about the trip you just took!

Friday, July 3, 2015

My 4th of July Plans

For 4th of July
I'm going to say "Oh me, Oh my!"
And stare up at the sky,
While the rockets fly by,
Way up high.

And I'm going to cheer,
And scream "oh dear!"
Out of fear,
That they're flying way too near.

And then towards the end,
I'll remember my friends,
And be happy that we're together again. 

[Happy 4th of July weekend everybody!!]

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Was Just Buzzing Around

We were sitting in the sun,
And I said "Run, Run!"

There was a monster coming near,
And he would eat me I feared.

I pushed my friend down
And jumped over, leaving them on the ground.

It was mean I know,
But my goodness, the monster wasn't walking slow,
I needed to go, go go!

Luckily it was nice,
Licked my friend on the face, twice!
I guess I'll need to pay them back for such a sweet sacrifice.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Not a Joking Matter

Knock knock.
Come on, knock knock.

Oh fine, Who's there?
Oh gosh, he's gone....well, there's always tomorrow.

A pitter and a patter, don't say what's the matter.
I want to guess and stress and make the whole thing a mess.
A litter and a latter, my gosh what's the matter??!
I can't figure you out and can't live with the doubt.
Just give me the news, I'll take care of my blues
And be nice to you I swear, your sadness I can't bear. 
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