Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meeting the King

Hey there. So, I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar? I'm making cookies.

Your cookies will be mine! And I'll have you make them all the time. Or you'll be punished for a crime, the crime of not providing cookies made of lime!

Wow, ok. Um, so do you have the sugar?

Bring me cookies I say! I want them now, today. I'm not waiting for you to go away, I need them now...and then we can play.

I'd be up for a game of hopscotch, but I really need that sugar for the cookies. I already mixed the flour and stuff. Did you have sugar? I don't really see a kitchen or cabinet around here.

I'll find your sucrose, maybe a bit of glucose, definitely not high fructose, which would be pretty gross. But first the cookies! Bring me so I can lookies.

Sorry, I don't have any cookies.

Then no sugar for you! Time to say 'boo hoo' because what else is there to do? Yes! I win at this too. I am awesome, so true.

[I think we can all appreciate, how some people can really irritate, when they always want to debate, what should be left to fate. For example, whether we all get cookies.]
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