Monday, June 1, 2015

It Rained

I had the chips out in bowls,
Hot dogs piled up high,
I was just waiting on Dad,
To get back from picking up pie.

I was putting out the dishes,
And straitening the chairs,
The guests would be arriving soon.
So I was taking great care.

But it was all ruined in an instant
I was just so surprised,
I looked up to the sky,
And water fell in my eyes!

I'd planned this for weeks!
It was going to be so much fun,
I had music playlists all set up,
And now it had to be all undone.

I had to call each guest
And warn them not to come,
Pick up all the food,
Before the rain ruined each and every one.

I had it all cleaned up,
And was sitting inside so sad,
But the rain suddenly stopped.
And that made me mad.

I had already cancelled,
There was nothing to do,
No one would be coming.
But I had all this blasted food.

So now it's sitting in my fridge,
Getting old and uneaten.
I blame this terrible summer weather,
For ruining my party for no reason.

So now it's war.
Me against the sky,
But don't you worry,
You can't lose when you have pie.

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