Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Just a Feeling

Marv, Ben is feeling poetic again. 
He always gets this way when he goes swimming.

An Octopus Ode
There's a feeling I have that I get sometimes,
It's warm and cheerful and it's all mine.

I can't name it for sure, but it's pretty alright,
To feel this feeling all day and all night.

I feel it especially when I'm with my special someone,
It's a good feeling to be called someone's loved one.

I can tell you for sure that it's something worth chasing,
So off with you now, it's your own love you should be facing.

Share a part of yourself with the person you're thinking of,
And perhaps you too will find this thing called love.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Weekend Gone

The party was so great. Everyone came. We played on a home made slip and slide, drank juice, ate cupcakes. It was awesome. I wish every weekend could be a party.

"So long" says I 
To the weekend gone by.
We had so much fun eating pizza and pie.

But now it is time for work and books,
For deep concentration not far away looks. 

Just five little days until again we can play,
Running screaming in the sun, into the fray.

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm Throwing a Party

Hi Mom,
Hi Dad,
I've got something to tell you and it's really really rad.

I volunteered us to play
On this very important day,
A part in an adventure!

So please don't censure,
What is guaranteed to be a happy venture
And NOT an ill-advised misadventure.

We're having a party today!
A party with dancing and a parade. 
Don't be a afraid,
Be happy that you stayed. 

We're going to play games,
Paint t-shirts with our names,
And compete on teams for fame.
If you didn't play too, it just wouldn't be the same.

So let's go!
Let's run,
Before they run out of candy and the games all done!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Meet Me Stage Left

Mom's yelling at me,
And the woods! There's nothing to see.
Why'd we drive 4 hours to look at silly chickadees?

I'm surrounded by trees,
Falling to my knees,
Wishing please please please,
Bring my XBox to me.

How long are we stuck here?
Too long, I fear.
I want to be with my friends most dear.

What do you mean there coming?
By tomorrow we'll be sunning?
Swimming in the lake and running?

Why didn't you say so?
I'd better go.
I need to find some games and a ball to throw.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Did you Meet the Neighbor?

Love, there's a new friend, 
Over in town, by the bend at the end.
His name is Crenshaw. 
At first I thought he said finshaw, then Reelza, then Cooldenspa,
But it's Crenshaw and his laugh sounds like a chainsaw.
I think you'll like him,
He's friends with Jim whose your favorite kin.
Should we go over tomorrow then?

I've been.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A New Arrival

I'm building a hut.
A what?
A hut.
Will it have a door?
Yes, and so much more.
Can I visit?
Oh yes, come and sit a bit.
Not just now I need to go
kk, just let me know.

Wow, this town is really starting to grow. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm Free Cause I'm a Bee

I said buzz buzz buzz
To my friend cuzz cuzz cuzz
He was asleep at my feet, snoring to the beat.
And my toes started tapping, my fingers started snapping.
And I said buzz buzz buzz,
To my friend cuzz cuzz cuzz
I wanted to go outside, to play jump, tag, and hide,
But he was asleep at my feet, snoring to the beat.
So I said Buzz! BUZZ BUZZ!!

And he said APlishisugirutisuhtsyzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Night Fun

It was cold on the lake in the setting sun.
They'd been there all day, but they'd seen none.
They were looking for fish,
But that was an optimistic wish,
There were no finned creatures in this watery dish.

Tomorrow will be better,
With much nicer weather.
The fish will be out in droves,
Hiding under rocks and in coves.
We'll have plenty of food for our stoves.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Bug on the Loose

I think he's a bug,
He really needs a hug, the big lug.
He wouldn't share sugar with me, 
He wanted me to give him cookies first. For FREE.
Which I would have done, but that would mean he'd won.
So I told him I had none. 

Maybe you should have shared? 

I guess I could have dared.
But what if I game him some, and he took off at a run

That would definitely stun.
But better give him a try, I'm sure he won't go bye bye.

Ok, let's hope he isn't feeling spry.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meeting the King

Hey there. So, I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar? I'm making cookies.

Your cookies will be mine! And I'll have you make them all the time. Or you'll be punished for a crime, the crime of not providing cookies made of lime!

Wow, ok. Um, so do you have the sugar?

Bring me cookies I say! I want them now, today. I'm not waiting for you to go away, I need them now...and then we can play.

I'd be up for a game of hopscotch, but I really need that sugar for the cookies. I already mixed the flour and stuff. Did you have sugar? I don't really see a kitchen or cabinet around here.

I'll find your sucrose, maybe a bit of glucose, definitely not high fructose, which would be pretty gross. But first the cookies! Bring me so I can lookies.

Sorry, I don't have any cookies.

Then no sugar for you! Time to say 'boo hoo' because what else is there to do? Yes! I win at this too. I am awesome, so true.

[I think we can all appreciate, how some people can really irritate, when they always want to debate, what should be left to fate. For example, whether we all get cookies.]

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A King Among Bugs

I rule this pile, this pile most vile.
You will not pass, you may not walk on this grass.
The grass is mine, and so is the air and time!
I will not share, will not be fair.
So be gone you! To you I say adieu.

[Wow, I knew Tuesdays could get people down, but sheesh.]

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Little Positive Attitude

A happy time for me and mine,
Is when I get to share a rhyme.
A funny ode to some old toad,
A boisterous song to cheer the kids along.

They make me so happy you see,
I love those kiddos and they love me.

[To buy a copy of "Samuel is Caring," check out Amazon or Createspace and thanks for stopping by!!]

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Father's Day is Coming

Sneak peak of "Samuel is Caring" now available on Createspace and Amazon

Dad's are Cool
I'm no fool, I know my dad is cool.
He wears sweaters! 
Is a real go getter, there isn't anyone better.
I know! I'm going to write him a letter.
A letter so sweet and caring,
He'll know how smart he is, how daring. 
How brave all the time,
He's so great, I wrote him this rhyme.

[My new book "Samuel is Caring" is available on Createspace and Amazon and is a book of poetry featuring Samuel, a great dad, and his sons playing games, reading books and spending time together. The book also includes two crochet patterns one for Samuel and one for his baby bunnies. Get my book and create your own adventures with Samuel and his kids! Share your pictures on the Crochet By Karin Facebook page and I'll send you a 10% off coupon for the Crochet By Karin Etsy store!]

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Break Picnic

School is out,
Kids are about.
Parents are worried, filled with doubt.

The kids are free,
And happy as can be,
I'm hoping they'll play ball with me.

It's to for the park,
Until it get dark,
Then for some movies featuring Tony Stark.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Samuel is Caring

It's here!! And just in time for Father's Day.
A fun book of poetry for kids about a dad and his kids reading books, playing games, and other fun things. The book includes patterns for crocheting Samuel and his baby bunnies and makes a great gift for first readers, new parents, and dads.

Click here to buy your copy today!

And thanks everyone for your support

Just Another Day to Play

To be fair I was there without a care.
There to share and lay bare my love for the air.

It's cold I'm told, in the class rooms of old.
And the air smells rolled in mold.

Out here I see deer and can steer clear of my teacher's good cheer.
Out here, there is no fear that homework is near.

But I do miss my teacher, just a little bit.
She had grit, but could knit, and was nice when saying 'sit!'
I will miss her,
A bit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oh No, Look at Me!

I was sitting around, just minding my words,
Then turtle went crazy saying things that were so absurd.
I admit I zoned out, I was just so upset,
Why would he mention school, even on a bet?

I changed the subject, talked about the rain,
I tried EVERYTHING to change the subject, to stop thinking about the thing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Day in the Park

I was sitting around with my pals, Jane and Steve,
We'd been there forever and were ready to leave.
But then I go and ruin it by bringing up school,
And in my head I thought "WHY DIDN'T I SAY SOMETHING COOL!!!"

[Summer break is coming (excited screaming!!)]

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Morning Love

Crunchy with fruit,
Sometimes flaky, puffed, or with loops,
A little green, little red,
All delicious, I'm well fed.

Add some milk, or yogurt still
Then chow down, have your fill.
Don't stop till the end,
Then get another bowl and start over again.

That's the way
I start each day
With a little crunch crunch
Before worrying about lunch.

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Jamboree Takes Three

I'm the proudest mommy, there ever could be,
So very proud of these beautiful three.
They sing so sweet, in harmony,
A rhythmic beat, a soft melody.

So sometimes it's not so nice,
I know next time it'll be twice as nice, or thrice.

But today it's terrible and that's ok.
You can't be perfect every day.

Tomorrow will be better, and the next day still,
Or perhaps you're sick, feeling seriously ill.

That could explain the terrible sound,
Like the sound you'd make if it was a rat you'd found.

Or a spider, cockroach, or scary snake,
And then you ran, but tripped on a rake.

And while you fell you saw some goo,
And you just knew you'd get some on you.

So you yelled so loud, so long and sharp,
That no one, not anyone, wouldn't hear you bark.

Ahhh! You'd say, pulling yourself up and away,
Hoping the goo wouldn't stay.

But it was still there, and it was everywhere
And you just weren't prepared to have goo in your hair.

But don't worry honey, sweetie, and love,
Most of the time you sing like a dove.

Except when you don't and that's ok,
Because I'll always love you anyway.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Little Pink

Run all around, never down, don't let them chase you to the ground.
Run far and wide, don't bother to hide, I'm a little scared, I must confide.
All in pink, they don't think, they'll chase you to the utter brink.
In a moment of panic, frantic, you'll cross the Atlantic, to somewhere Germanic.

A hug is all they need, then you'll be freed, but you won't do the deed.
Please conceded.

And hug me too, I'm feeling blue.   

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A House Made of What?

My goodness,
My gracious,
Look at all those angry faces.

How was I to know?
How indeed,
I was wrong, I will concede.

Please forgive me,
Please forget,
I swear your demands will be met.

Your house is lovely,
Built to last.
Even if it IS made of grass.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And One Makes Three

One for you
One for me
Let's bring a friend
And that makes three

A smile or two,
Add three and we can't be blue
And a cupcake for fun
One for everyone

I hop up one,
You back up for fun
And one stuck in the middle,
A happy mess in triple.

Monday, June 1, 2015

It Rained

I had the chips out in bowls,
Hot dogs piled up high,
I was just waiting on Dad,
To get back from picking up pie.

I was putting out the dishes,
And straitening the chairs,
The guests would be arriving soon.
So I was taking great care.

But it was all ruined in an instant
I was just so surprised,
I looked up to the sky,
And water fell in my eyes!

I'd planned this for weeks!
It was going to be so much fun,
I had music playlists all set up,
And now it had to be all undone.

I had to call each guest
And warn them not to come,
Pick up all the food,
Before the rain ruined each and every one.

I had it all cleaned up,
And was sitting inside so sad,
But the rain suddenly stopped.
And that made me mad.

I had already cancelled,
There was nothing to do,
No one would be coming.
But I had all this blasted food.

So now it's sitting in my fridge,
Getting old and uneaten.
I blame this terrible summer weather,
For ruining my party for no reason.

So now it's war.
Me against the sky,
But don't you worry,
You can't lose when you have pie.

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