Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who's Watching Who

Who is watching who at this crochet zoo?
Your brother is being bad and so are you!
I've never seen such a mess as in your room,
If you do not clean it now, it will be your doom.
I am not to be ignored!
I know where the treats are stored.
Making me angry is not something you can afford.

Who is watching who at this crazy town cafe?
You've been making a mess and doing it all day!
The clothes are in piles, the toys strewn about,
You promised you'd clean it, but that I doubt.
I am not to be ignored!
So stop looking so bored.
Phone privileges will not be restored.

Who is watching who? Is blue watching blue?
I'm trying to remember your good deeds, but there are few.
You are mean to your sister, mean to the cat.
Honestly sometimes I wonder where your head is at.
Kiss your sister, say sorry to the cat,
Clean your room or that is that.
I'll take away your toys, give your phones away,
I'll make you write an essay about your day.
Trust me boys, I don't play.

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