Thursday, May 7, 2015

Two by Air, Don't Stare

Jessica knew they'd stare,
Knew they whisper, glance, and yes, glare.
But what else was she to do?
One was sick, another sad,
If she let them down, they'd just be bad.

It was better this way,
For her and them.
Better out of trouble and away from evil intentioned friends.
She'd say sorry tomorrow.
Or so she swore,
But she was crossing her fingers,and she lied even more!

A nice neighbor happened by, noticed, and said Oh, my.
When asked she deflected,
And her lies were not detected.
And so it went each day for a week.
Until to dad, the baby owls did seek.

Help us! They cried.
And whimpered so, leaving dad with only one way to go.
And so, each day from work he'd come,
To help his wife walk his two sons.
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