Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tiptoeing Not Growing

This one is for Mary, she's the nicest little fairy.
One for my mom, she's the best! I mean, come on!
Blue is for Stu and will serve as a nice thank you,
And another for my mom, 'cause she's seriously the bomb.

I'm having a party in a few days, because my mom said OK.
Mary is bringing snacks, because she works at a food shack
And Stu is bringing the fun, because he knows just were its begun.
So here's my thanks to them, for being such good friends (and moms).

I hope that we have fun, I hope that the party is never done.
I hope that there are hot dogs, and not slimy green frogs.
I hope that there are chips, and that fancy onion dip.
Oh and guacamole, sitting in a bowl on a clean white doily.

Just a few days to go, one, two, oh boy,
I hope my excitement doesn't annoy,
or suck away the joy,
and scare away poor Roy.

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