Thursday, May 28, 2015

Planning Takes Forethought

Father's day's coming up, are you getting anything special for your dad?
It's like 3 weeks away. I was gonna forget about it for 3 more weeks and then rush around all harried before giving up and getting him a discount card that's actually a birthday card.
Good thing his birthday is on Father's day huh?

Planning Takes Forethought
This is what I say
Leave it alone, don't do it today.
There's fun to get done,
Not plans to make.
Don't worry so much,
Don't give, just take

It won't make you any friends,
But who cares in the end.
So they won't get you a present in return
You'll Hang on.

I won't get a present in return?

Get a gift for everyone,
And then strangers when you're done.
Celebrate every holiday,
And never a birthday betray.

It's important to think of others,
They're all like sisters and brothers.
And it's nice to show you care,
Because getting older past 25 just isn't fair.

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