Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No Party for Red

The party was cancelled, or so they said.
"It's supposed to rain!" they said to poor Red.
Rain, rain, what a wretched thing.
I was going to go play, now I'm just headed to bed.

Maybe next time, maybe next year.
Why do storm clouds have to travel so near?
There were going to be games and those kinds of things,
But alas no party, because a storm was near, we cancelled out of fear?

Ok fine, I'll plan a party in the rain and it'll fun all the same.
I'm not buckling now, not giving up ground.
We're gonna have fun if I have to chase it down like a hound.
Come along friends, neighbors, and pals, bring games and toys and anything else you've found.
We're having a shin dig, here in the rain, and it's going to be awesome, not silly or tame.
Because we spend the day in bed, that would really be a shame.
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