Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Crochet Pony Love Story

Hey Earl,
Hey Bud.

You wouldn't believe what happened to me!

I was sitting by the bay, just hanging out. When from the far left I heard a very loud shout.
There was a pretty green pony sitting all alone, I wondered over and she asked to go home.
I guess she'd been there for a time or two and she was starting to feel awfully blue.
I walked her back to the pasture and what did she do!? She kissed me on the nose, and oh my, my heart flew.
Now I'm flustered and not happy one bit, how am I to impress her, when she's put me in such a fit.
My legs are all wobbly. My heart a racing bee, buzzing here and there, and leaving me shaking like a tree.
Give me some words of advice old friend, help my mind to mend.

Give her some flowers, tell her she's swell. Take her back to the bay to listen to the bell. 
Listen to her talk and tell her some tales, and soon enough, your love will set sail.

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