Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Crochet Octopus Occasion

Baby blue, this is your Uncle Bing.
Hi Bing!
Uncle Bing works at the aquarium as an underwater thing.
Underwater thing? That has a nice ring. It's nice to meet you Bing! :)
And you too, Baby Blue. Now what do you say about a movie? Just us two.
Ooh, there's a movie out I want to see, it's new.
Well then, that's what we'll do!
Bring him back by two!

I Love the Movies
The lights so bright,
The dark of night.
A bag of popcorn in hand,
An action movie, a hero's last stand.
Laughter abounds, when I Love Lucy plays in town.
A Rocky Horror, a monster in the foyer.
A shout from the back,
A man runs out for a snack.
Romance for love, comedy without the kid gloves
I love to be scared, but need to be prepared.
A friend makes you brave, since suspense is what I crave.
It's chaos to leave,
The sun a happy reprieve.
Till next I return, I've got time to burn.

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