Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Crochet Bee Mystery

I know I left them here! Just give them back I say.
Seriously, bee, leave me be, I do not want to play.

A flower here a flower there, you think it's just silliness,
But those flowers are my everything, so stop your chilliness.
One was red and was for Fred,
Another white as snow,
A third so blue and pure,
But now gone, I should just turn and go.
I thought you were my friend! And thoughtful to the end,
But you've taken what's mine, and I can't go back in time,
So now must collect them all over again.

Listen bee, I have not seen your blooms or your sanity,
But I can assure you, the thief isn't me.

Fine, sorry.

Haha! I tricked you silly, it was me.
I saw them lying there and I set them free,
I threw them into the wind you see,
Now they're off on an adventure across the sea. Yipee!

Sometimes, you're very annoying Mr. Key. 
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