Friday, April 3, 2015

Who Runs Bunny Land

In a land quite out of hand, sits two from this band, but they've both taken a stand and there seams no end to this sham.

On one side are the egg lovers, who are angry with the others for yelling at their friends and yelling at their brothers.

On the other lie the hoarders, who's love of candy is unordered. They skip and slide and the egg lovers they cannot abide.

So here we lie, neither wanting to try, and the eggs are starting to fry. We need to get busy! If we're going to get these eggs to the city, but these two will not work and I'm seriously going berzerk.

Alas in the end, they decide to be friends.
It won't last I'm sure, but for Easter I'll endure.
Then it's off to Tahiti, for music and margharities!
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