Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pigs in a Jam

What are you guys up to?
Cassie said they were giving out sandwiches, we just had to line up.
Cassie the goat said that?
Yeah, cool right?
Cassie, the one that likes to eat your food when you're not around.
Yeah, sheesh, don't you know Cassie? She's always telling us about these great opportunities.
And what happened last time she told you about a great opportunity?
Oh, we got there too late and it was all sold out. That's why we're here now, nice and early.

When the cookies are gone 
And you feel you've done something wrong,
It may not be you,
You may have some sleuthing to do.
For example, if your friend,
Is sending you on chases that never have a good end,
You might want to consider, 
That they may be a kidder.
Ask yourself this riddle,
Are they there with you, waiting in the middle?
If not, 
I think you've got them caught.

[PS do not trust the people at work. (joking!) I'm constantly falling for 'it's raining!' scenarios and then discovering the sun is shining, tell me about your last head slapper on my Facebook or twitter:

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