Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Misguided April Fools Day Silliness

You can totally make it.
No, no, my legs can't take it.

You're going to do great!
Oh my gosh, I can see my fate!

I'm sure you'll skoot right up.
I'm more likely to do a pull-up!

Well, try anyway, just for me.
Ok fine, but you'll see!

I'm gonna teeter and totter,
I'm going to yell and holler.
They'll need to send a 'copter for me!
'Cause I'll be stuck on a ledge and you're going to flee!
And leave me.
And there'll be a bee.
Oh my gosh, can't you see.
Me climbing up a mountain really isn't meant to be.

Ok, ok fine, I'll count to three.
Just watch me!

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