Thursday, April 2, 2015

Don't Climb Mountains if You are Not a Goat

Why did you tell him to climb this hill?
It's like a 1000 feet in the air Phil!
It's not like we can carry him down,
If we try, we'll fall and then we'll all be broken on the ground.
I say we call for help
Let the emergency people help this whelp.

I did, they won't come.
They said he'll come down on his own before the setting of the sun.
And if he doesn't, then they'll come,
But we'll be paying the bill for all this fun.

I blame you for our blues.
All this for a joke on April Fools.

I thought he could make it and he did,
How was I supposed to know that when he tried to come down, he'd skid.
Now he won't try and mom is going to cry.
Well when she asks, I'm not gonna lie.
No it's ok, I guess I'll just have to hope a helicopter flies by.

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