Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Person's Treasure is Another's Gold

That's me! They'd say.
They'd be thinking I'd pay.

But just finding me's not enough,
You've got to be made of stronger stuff.

You've got to be brave,
And not cave.

I don't give out treasure to just anyone,
You've got to know, not to run.

I'm gonna be mean,
And crazy, it'll seem.

I'm gonna accuse
And maybe refuse.

Don't beg, don't argue, don't conjole or fret,
Why don't you challenge me to a bet?

I'm a fan of a good game, especially of chance.
If you win I'll reward you, but you've gotta win the dance.

I'm sneaky you see
And I go at two when I say three.

So be ready to run,
And don't forget to have fun.

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