Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leprechaun Down Time

Did you check for surveillance equipment?
No one is going to steal the treasure.
I realize that you don't worry about such things, but did you check for spies?
There are no spies, no one wants your chocolate.
It's treasure!!! I can't believe you said that.
Listen, everyone knows that you got your treasure stolen last year and now all you have in that pot of yours is chocolate. 
Chocolate IS treasure!
Sure, sure. 

Chocolate is Treasure
It comes in all shapes and sizes,
And everyone buys it.
There is dark and light,
Crunchy and white.
I like mine over ice cream,
You know what I mean.
All drizzly goodness,
Of course it makes a huge mess.
I buy mine by the pound,
And I cut it into rounds.
I sprinkle sea salt on top,
And then I eat a lot.
So much in fact,
That I'm seriously cash strapped.
So buy me some chocolate,
Shaped like a rocket.
The ones with the gooey stuff inside.
What is that, honey from a hive?
Whatever it is, 
It's seriously good sis.

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