Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Love Crochet Pie

Your cousin Sam,
Is a pretty interesting man.
His stories are a bit long,
But I think my first impression of him was wrong.

He isn't boring
Or annoying.
He's quite nice,
If a bit bad with advice.

And his pies are the best,
Creamy custard and criss-cross chess.
I would have stayed forever,
As his cooking is an endeavor.

But you should go back with me next time,
Ooh, maybe he'll make strawberry pie with thyme!!

Ok, never mind,
I bet strawberry and raspberry can be combined,
with a teeny pinch of lemon rind,

Stop!! I'm hungry already,
We're turning around, hold steady.
I'm not going to listen you go on and on,
We're going to Sam's and I'm getting some!
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