Monday, March 23, 2015

A Bunch of Crochet Flowers

One is for Ben,
Because he's my brother and my friend.

One is for my friend Sue,
Because I like her too.

One is for dad,
Because he's awfully rad.

One is for Uncle Mike,
He taught me how to ride a bike,

One is for my teacher Bell,
She's pretty swell.

And one is for you,
Because you're awesome, and kind and really don't mind, 
When my rhymes are sloppy, and my crochet animals floppy, 
And you don't whine when my jokes are bad, or tell me when they're sad, 
You just show up each day to check in out, and I hope you will never doubt,
That humor is what it's all about.

And maybe poetry, but whatever.  

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