Thursday, February 19, 2015

Where Did that Crochet Elephant Go?

We're walking through the city,
Looking for something pretty.
This isn't a city?
Now you're just being witty?
Don't get all up-setty.
We'll just go little bitty.

Hey Jan, what's up man?
Did you see that pie, way up in the sky?
A cloud you say? No way.

Walking through the woods,
Headed where there's foods.
Gonna meet some dudes,
Doing all we could.

Oh oh oh yeahhhhh,
Oh oh oh Bahhhhh,
Che cho dee doooooo
Lee la lee loooooooo

Walk here and on,
Walking till we're gone.
Waiting for you to crack,
Or your head to smack.
Rhyming skills I lack,
Or would you call it a knack,
To be this smack? Oh yeah, not taking that back.

[Is smack a word? I'm hoping it means cool.....]
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