Friday, February 13, 2015

Singing About Crochet Love

I've got two hearts and a happy grin,
Don't you want to come on over and snuggle in?
I'll tell you a tale of love and cheer,
No no, my friend, we're being happy over here.
Bring your best bud and your sister Ruth,
We're gonna spin tall tales, not gonna tell the truth.
It's a party today and we're gonna celebrate,
Being single and happy, filled with joy not hate.
We've got each other, no need to be blue,
So not everyone has found their love so true.
I've got you! And that's pretty alright,
We're always hanging out, and going out at night.
We've got season tickets to our favorite game,
And really, dinner at posh restaurants is kinda lame.
I'd rather eat popcorn and argue over pizza,
Then listen to jazz or stare at the Mona Lisa.
I'm glad I've got my friends and happy to be free,
To be silly, and goofy, and really just me.
So here's to you, my friends who're more like family,
Happy Valentine's Day to you, I say pretty happily.

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