Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crochet Cats Tend to Forget A Lot

Last week when you said, you were looking forward to the weekend. I didn't know you didn't know, I thought you were talking about Jen. Did she really yell all that loud and get so super mad? Didn't you tell her you were headed out of town with your old college roommate Thad? I mean, it's Jen, she loves you and she knows you love her too. Whatever you did, I almost feel like I should be mad at you too. Just come down and we'll talk and we'll figure this out, I'm sure it's not so bad, you're just riddled with doubt. We can get coffee and cookies with sprinkles with whip cream and I'll hang with you while you cry and beg and apologize to Jen for being mean. Just don't do this again will you? It stresses me out. I don't like being the go between, especially when I don't know what its all about.

Why I Love My Friends
Friends are loyal and caring and sweet.
Friends help you out when you make bad choices like walking on fire with bare feet.
Friends talk you down, when you're standing at the edge,
And slap you on the head for almost braking your pledge.
Friends forgive the biggest mistakes of all,
Friends are always there to catch you when you fall.
Friends will eat your awful food and laugh at your jokes,
Friends will be nice to new girlfriends and chit chat with your folks.
Friends are forever and will always be true.
Friends are the best, NOW STOP BEING MEAN TO STEW!!!

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