Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Crochet Elephant Love Story

It's three days to go,
And hey, you never know.

I could meet the person of my dreams,
Or be plagued by angry screams.

It's hard being a pachyderm,
No one gets me, everyone's too stern.

I like to play and be silly,
I want to wear hats and something frilly.

My heart says there's someone for me,
I just need to keep my eyes open and heart free.

Come on! Love so true and pure,
I'm right here, I'm ready, I'm sure.

Ok, I get it,
You're waiting till the last minute.

I'll just wait till the 14th of the month,
But THEN begins the hunt.

I'll find you for sure this year,
Never fear,
Your true love is right here. 
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