Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three Crochet Pigs and A Plus One

It was then that Hubert started to wonder if something was going on.

Left in the Dark
What'd he say? I don't know.
I wanted to stay, but I had to go.
I was waiting for a bus,
Didn't want to kick up a fuss.
But they were talking without me!
And that didn't make me happy.
I'm good at planning,
There was no reason for disbanding.
I could have helped out,
But I got left out.
And now I'm wondering about.
Hanging low my snout.

But not to worry! 
I called someone who's furry.
He'll turn it around,
He'll play lost and found.
He's good at a huff and a puff,
He'll show them enough is enough.
It's good to be nice,
To people who know wolves who have trice
Knocks a pig's house down. 

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