Friday, January 30, 2015

New Crochet Relationships

You introduced him to your mom?
Yeah, it went ok actually.
- She was pretty ok. No yelling, totally successful.
Well, ok then, new winner! Octopii moms are the best.
What happened when you introduced your mom to your sweetie?
She hid in her shell for like 2 hours. It was really embarrassing.

A Note to Moms
We love them.
We feed them.
We give them everything.
That's how it goes.
But who knows.
They might end up pretty alright.
Or give us fright after fright after fright
Just take a breath,
Or go complain to your friend Beth.
But don't break! 
Don't fake,
Don't chase that dude with a rake.
Keep your calm,
Muddle on.
And be brave.
And soon enough, they'll turn the corner,
And it all be over.
And when you're old and they've got kids.
You can laugh at those stupid suckers as their little one throws a fit.

[I say this from the most LOVING place possible.]

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