Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Even Crochet Snowballs Can Hurt

Four baby bunnies playing in the snow.
Daddy's got a surprise, but none of them know.
They've been collecting snow in little balls,
But he's not telling them why, not at all.

It's starting to get cold, the sun is going away,
If not now, they'll have to wait 'till tomorrow to play.
Come on Dad! One says,
We're ready to go. What's the game? Confess!

With a smirk and a laugh,
Dad yells "run" and they dash.
Here and there they jump,
But it doesn't help them avoid collision with a cold lump.
Dad's got good aim,
This is one exciting game.
The kids laugh and run,
Until night ruins there fun.
But tomorrow's another day,
And the kids plan on surprising dad with a little play.
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