Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crochet Valley Greetings

Oh hail puppy Dale!
Oh my, Hi! Puppy Guy.
Who's this little miss?
A kitty named Sis! 
Well hello to you little cat.
Meow? is all I'm saying about that.
Well, well, my heart might swell,
I hope my love you will not quell.
Meow to you and meow to him,
I'm glad to meet you, I really am.
But I'm just a cat and not a dog,
Our love wouldn't last one night in the fog.
And to be honest, you're sweet and all,
But my heart lies elsewhere, with someone less tall.
I see, no worries, my heart isn't broken,
I didn't realize that for your heart, someone had already spoken.
Goodbye for now, sweet kitty in black,
I hope to see you soon, for coffee and a snack?

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